103th Anniversary of Birth


Friday, June 22, 2018
7,30 pm - "What is Meditation"
8,00 pm - "Meditation practice"
9,00 pm - Dinner

Saturday, June 23, 2018
3,30 pm - Opening of theMeeting 2018"
• Alberto Severi, "The figure of Fr. Anthony Elenjimittam through his writings and his work; introduction to his philosophical thought"
• Giuseppe De Vita, "Memory of Fr. Anthony"
Sat-Sang, "con-versing" on Fr. Anthony and the advaita philosophy of "non-duality" ... "My Father and I are One" (Jesus)
• "Meditation of conclusion" expected around 7,30 pm

About twenty people attended the event even from far away (Puerto Rico) to hear once again the ecumenical thought of Fr Anthony Elenjimittam.
On Friday, June 22nd, the anniversary date, a Meditation was held during which various people felt the presence of the same Father in an intense way.
Saturday 23 June in the morning we were able to take a guided tour of the Ducal Palace of Urbino and a quick panoramic tour of the Marche town; at lunchtime, at the Agriturismo, home of the meeting, the foundations of the new Association have been laid which will continue to carry forward the Father's Thought with all possible means as stated in a letter written by His hand.
In the afternoon, as planned, the theoretical part by voice of Alberto Severi, Boris Borioni and Giuseppe De Vita was developed.
Below are some photos of the event.