1st Study Meeting 2018 "Cosmic Ecumenism Now"

After the meeting of 22-23 June in Urbino, it was decided to plan this new opportunity to meet again, organize together and give shape to a thought of Fr. Anthony, to create a "School" of training, to
enable the Human Being to recognize the Divine everywhere, in every leaf, in every atom, in every soul, in every Being.
This first meeting is aimed at gathering all those who wish to learn and also give their knowledge and wisdom: we begin in three, Gabriella, Giuseppe and Alberto in the awareness that we are all called to tell something about Spiritual Research. We will then try to express our needs and find the best way, through a healthy "con-versation" (to put in common), to develop a program to be implemented in the next meetings. For this time the program presented is quite generic and opens to many possibilities ... so we will try with the collaboration of all to improve again ...


Friday 5 October 2018
3.00 pm - Welcome and explanation of the aims of the School C.E.N. in relation to the teachings of Fr. Anthony Elenjimittam
• Traveling to the Mind Consciousness (Gabriella)
• Methods and ways to get around the deception of the mind (Gabriella, Giuseppe and Alberto)
• Individual and/or group talks
• Meditation

Saturday October 6th 2018
7.30 am - Pre-Yoga Gymnastics to awaken the body
• Symbology as a method to go beyond the screens/schemes of the mind (part 1) (Alberto)
• Yoga session, simple postures to recreate the energetic balance of body and mind
• Living on Earth and staying in Heaven, the leading mind active in the liberation of the Soul (Giuseppe)
• Individual and/or group talks
• Video on P. Anthony
• Meditation

Sunday 7 October 2018
7.30 am - Pre-Yoga Gymnastics to awaken the body
• Symbology ... (part 2) (Alberto)
• Yoga session, simple postures to recreate the energetic balance of body and mind
Satsang and concluding Meditation

The meeting was followed by a set of ten highly motivated people, and thanks to the geographic position of the structure that hosted us, we were able to develop a large part of the practical outdoor activities. Physical activities (pre-yoga gymnastics, asanas, meditation) that involved all the participants. The theoretical part on symbology has attracted considerable interest for the detailed explanation, although not thorough due to lack of time, of the "Mandala of the 8 trails" by Alberto Severi.
Gabriella Simonfay gave a very interesting explanation on the functioning of the "human mind" by integrating the lesson with "games" made by extracting notes on which were written the sentences of Great Souls.
Giuseppe De Vita spoke about subtle entities that somehow interfere with our thoughts and actions
Beatrice D'Antuono, a nun who dresses the colors of the shoes of Fr Anthony, has vividly told of the meeting with the Father and his period of life spent in Assisi to breathe the beatific energy of the Sat Cit Ananda.
The afternoon ended with an unexpected event, the presence of Martin who comes from Hamburg and who for some incredible coincidence has visited several times the St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage of Mumbai ... told us about Br. Joseph, the senior manager, of boys and girls, of playing basketball with them, of the senior manager's concerns to support the school now that the financial support of a multinational company has been missed ... that however somehow God will provide. In addition, the great work to raise poor families, many of whom live under the trees along the roads, from their difficult situation, in order to give the possibility of a better future, I all through the drive to Consciousness and Knowledge.
On Sunday morning, the last day of the meeting, came to greet prof. Giovanni Pelosini who told us of the deep hidden meaning of the word "Shalom", of the way to write it and of the concordance with the "Star of David", symbol of Judaism.
At the time of saying goodbye, from many voices has come the desire to re-find ourselves as soon as possible to continue a journey that leads to the Self, through Symbology and Meditation.

Project Cosmic Ecumenism Now

• Gabriella Simonfay
• Giuseppe De Vita
• Alberto Severi