Meditation in memory of the 8th anniversary of the Passage
of F. Anthony Elenjimittam

A day dedicated to Meditation in an environment immersed in nature to honor the memory of Fr. Anthony Elenjimittam and his ecumenical thinking at the headquarters of Cosmic Ecumenism Now in Trevinano (Vt). It is also a way to take stock of the activities carried out this year, which saw people engaged in different places, trying as far as possible to
to stimulate personal research for a conscious growth towards Self Realization.
Gabriella, Giuseppe and Alberto expressed with their concepts the value of the Sanskrit term Sat Chit Ānanda, the Ens Verum Bonum of the Thomists, "con-versing" (sharing) amiably and consciously also on long-term goals both here in Italy and for the needs of the St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage, the school founded by P. Anthony that we try to support with our activities while developing individual conscience ...


Saturday 5 October 2019
10.00 am - Pranayama to stimulate the vitality of the mind and body
11.00 am - Meditation
12.00 - Con-versation/Satsang
13.00 - Dinner at the Restaurant "La Francigena" in San Lorenzo Nuovo

A brief passage of the Meditazione written by P. Anthony and recited by the voice of Gabriele Goria
It's available the CD "Meditazione"

The contribution of Alberto Severi which reflects the opening photo

The contribution of Gabriella Simonfay

The contribution of Giuseppe De Vita


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