La filosofia Yoga di Patañjali
Notes and Appendix by Alberto Severi
Yoga (from the Sanskrit root Yuj-yog which means union) is, in the Indian spiritual tradition, one of the six "essential visions of reality" or Darṣana. Of very ancient origin (the archaeological discoveries in the Indus Valley, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, have confirmed that Yoga practices were already widespread in the preearian civilization of the III-II millennium BC), Yoga philosophy was treated for the first time in a work that still constitutes the fundamental text of the doctrine: the Patañjali Yogasutra.
Anthony Elenjimittam, author of this volume, defines Patañjali as "the guiding genius and teacher of Rajayoga or Yoga based on scientific psychology", being one of the greatest figures of Indian philosophy, who, it seems, lived in the second century BC.
"True redemption, true salvation" lies in the emancipation of the soul from the contagions of worldly existence, from desires and craving, from pleasures and luxury, from birth and death. "This concept, noble and very pure, has touch the author who in this work examines Patañjali's aphorisms in a unified vision,"advaita", by studying and highlighting their influences on Western spirituality and the points of contact with it, in particular with Christianity.
This latest edition is a new translation from the original in English, expanded with the addition of explanatory notes of the Sanskrit terms and with an Appendix dedicated to specific topics of Hindu philosophy dealt with in the text.

March 2022 edition
Ecumenismo Cosmico Ora
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