Comprensione interreligiosa new edition 2020
A single point of arrival undoubtedly unites all the spiritual paths regardless of which is the starting point; all the paths traveled always lead to the only Peak, That, the One from which we can admire the widest panorama of the Knowledge of the Human Being.
Different paths that have begun in various periods of our history using different terms identify the same concepts. In evaluating the differences between religions Father Anthony formulates this assumption: "All religions are bearers of truth, but they are not the Truth, the Real". Hence the exhortation to all of us to explore the different religious manifestations by integrating the most recent acquisitions of all sciences. We will thus be able to rise up on the path chosen by deepening and creating parallels with the other paths, for a better understanding of all the cultures that inhabit this small planet Earth.
We will thus see the emergence of a new humanism that will lay the foundations of a civilization based on an equitable sharing of the Earth's resources among countries, peoples and races, all destined to merge into a single people of God, with the desire to rise spiritually and morally towards the One, the Absolute, the Eternal, the AUM. An invitation to all of us, free spirits attracted by the immensity and fragrance of the harvest in the hour "that invites to the joyful feast of the Universe" as the great Rabindranath Tagore sang, to bring humanity back to a single family that overcomes divisions historical, geographical and environmental.

The present edition already includes the missing notes in the previous one.

ed. March, 2020
Ecumenismo Cosmico Ora
dim. 15 x 21 cm.
pag. 160