Controllo della mente per l'Autorealizzazione
The Italian translation of the last book by Father Anthony (2010)
A path tried and tested by the author who takes the reader from the empirical world of becoming, known through our five senses and the use of our sensory mind, to the Being, God, Absolute and Universal Consciousness, Brahman, Sat Chit Ananda.
The difficulties that the true spiritual seeker encounters in detaching himself from the ordinary vision of the things of this world in order to embrace and immerse themselves in that beatific wave of the Absolute, the Being, where nothing changes and everything exists, in the first place, is blessed..
The fulcrum of the work is the use that the human being, unique and unrepeatable, makes of the thought, a point of strength for our emancipation and for the rediscovery of that Kingdom of God within us as desired by the greatest Sages, Prophets and Saints of the past. The thought, which on the one hand can lead us, if badly controlled, to ruin, on the other hand can elevate us up to our divine dimension, until we can affirm together with Christ "I and my Father are One" or quoting the Vedantic saying "Tat Tvam Asi, Thou art That".