Conversando con l'Eterno

On May 27 and 28, 1979, Father Anthony Elenjimittam was walking along the bank of the Naviglio di Magenta near Milan. Numerous reflections come to him in his thoughts, stimulated above all by the dialogue and questions posed by young people during that period of stay in Italy. Questions that range from cosmological topics such as the fact of the creation of the world and all the countless forms of life to those of a more emotional and pragmatic type such as those related to sex and sexual differentiation that constantly leads us to look for a partner.
But which partner can be superior to the Eternal? to the Absolute? Here a dialogue is established between the Father, who asks questions to which the Eternal answers in a sublime and unequivocal way, leaving ample space for the understanding that everything is One, that we are all children of the Most High and that He loves us and us. He will always love, despite our many mistakes. Wandering basically derives from a bad understanding of the fact that we are all One, brothers in the divine. The Eastern philosophy of Advaita Vedanta to which the author often refers, allows us to fully understand the message of Jesus Christ "I and my Father are One", which the Father took as his motto with the "Ut Omnia Unum Sint, so that all may be One".

May 2021 edition
Ecumenismo Cosmico Ora
size 15 x 21 cm.
pages 118