Ecumenismo Cosmico
Scrolling through the pages of Father Anthony's autobiography one can not fail to grasp the dominant note that characterized his life, namely the search for God and Truth. It was for this reason that he entered, at the age of fifteen, in the seminary of Alwaye (India) and, being the best of all his companions, he was able to complete his studies in Italy, where he was ordained a Dominican monk. Since then, however, his sincere and profound inner search clashed with the barriers erected by the rigid dogmatism of the official Church, which affirmed that there is no salvation outside of it. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. Moreover, in order not to fall into the trap of the Catholic orthodoxy within which they wanted to lock him up his superiors absolutely intransigent towards any search for Truth coming out of the tracks of Christian doctrine, he preferred to leave the Dominican Convent of Oxford, England, in order to continue in his interior research in various European and Asian countries, especially in India and in Italy, is completely free of spirit. In fact, he felt that every religion contains within it the same and only Truth the Religions in fact are many and can be compared to the Paths, but the final Meta is unique and, although called by different names, leads to the same experience, that is, the realization within us of that Peace which is Joy, Love, unperturbed Tranquility and inner Serenity and which represents the point of arrival of every Religion. This final goal is called "God the Father" by Christians, Satcitananda by Yogi, Nirvana by Buddhists, etc., but it is a common source of "Spiritual Illumination".
The message that Father Anthony intends to leave us as a spiritual heritage is undoubtedly that of going beyond the boundaries erected by organized religions, creating a Cosmic Ecumenism between the Western Christian world and the great Asian religions, Ut omnia Unum Sint, so that everything is One.