Mahatma Gandhi
Il profeta dell'Età dell'acquario
This new biography of Gandhi has the distinction of having been written by an Indian, a direct disciple of the Mahatma, who entrusted him with the difficult mission of working for the meeting of religions. Having become a Dominican father, Father Anthony has traveled the whole world doing conferences and writing books of great ecumenical spirit.
His great devotion to Gandhi can be understood from his sentences:
"The immense loving devotion to God leads to that practice of life which is called Bhakti Yoga, love and service to God through his creatures, which finds a great example in Christianity in the Poverello of Assisi, in Saint Francis. Like him, Gandhi also married Our Lady Poverty, like Jesus who, born in a stable, lived in some cave, never had a house and died on the cross, between the blue sky and the rugged land".