Gnosi vedantica
The wisdom of the ancient Indo-Aryan in the last four thousand years has been a beacon of light and a polar star for those who, tired and oppressed by the political upheavals, insecurity and inexorable problems of human existence on this planet, sought a a response that is not only capable of satisfying the needs of the human heart, but compatible with rational research, scientific discoveries and the revelations of psychology. Eastern Gnosticism, as it found clear and complete expression in the Vedic culture, has its counterpart in Greek philosophy as well as in the Christian Gospels, and even in the Sufi tradition the same teachings are found. In the Gnostic Indian tradition, the first requirement to enter the kingdom of God, which is inherent in each of us, is the denial of all forms of external authority and the transcendence of the rites and ceremonies of official and priestly religions. The Kingdom awaits only to be discovered, realized and lived.