Meditazione per la realizzazione del Sé
Anthony Elenjimittam had the rare privilege of nourishing himself at the purest sources of the spirituality of the Christian West and of the wisdom of the East Indo-Buddhist, realizing in himself a prophetic vital and experiential synthesis. Realizing the Self, unchanging existence and awareness, a superior center of identity in every individual, a Christ or a Buddhist conscience according to religious traditions: this is the end of existence for Elenjimittam, whose attainment fills all our expectations of happiness, peace, of love and personal growth. Let us descend into the authentic structure of man, unveiling the profound mechanisms of the mind and its inexhaustible potential, putting at our disposal the resources of Yoga and the various meditative techniques of the East and the West, accompanying us in meditation on nature, birth, sickness and death, he leads us to the threshold of the unitive experience with God.