La liberazione nella filosofia indiana
The liberation from the vicissitudes, one of the most compelling issues for people of every age and culture, is the subject of this light book in which the author reveals the ancient process that run the wise up to the peaks of the soul, until achieving the perfect realization of the Self and the profound experience of union with God.
This short treatise on liberation (Mukti) in Indian philosophy is the thesis of Anthony Elenjimittam. The author, who by birth and culture lives in a rare balance between the civilizations of the East and the West, clearly shows how the wisdom of India has been handed down for millennia about a theme that has always captured humanity.
The exhibition is promptly completed by the answers that religions and philosophies have given to the problem.
The criterion followed is that of syncretistic research which, even today after so many years, is the instrument used by Elenjimittam to inspire in the reader the sense of brotherhood of all men, respecting and valuing diversity.