Perfezione spirituale
Man is endowed with reason, however, in him animality and sub-animality prevail until he realizes that, through reason that comes from pure reasoning, he can hover up to the highest intuitions and, from those, further on, up to the lap of infinity so as not to sink into the high seas. Spiritual perfection in the teachings of the scriptures as well as in the gospel of the various prophets of history consists essentially in attaining the balance between the two natures, animal and divine, which are imperiously stirring in the heart of man. In the process of evolution, the fortune of receiving a human body allows, through discipline and wisdom, to reach the divine state and, thus, put an end to the alternation of births and deaths and obtain the purpose of life which is the return. in the womb of Divinity, the Pure Spirit that only exists as Pure Existence, in whose womb dance the waves of creation, the waves of becoming in which Divinity manifests itself. The contact of our mind with the Universal mind, the abiding of our soul in the supernima of the universe, confers a deep peace, a mental serenity, an infinite joy and a conscious immortality that derive, in fact, from the union with the Divine that is the basis of spiritual perfection.