Psicologia dell'Autorealizzazione
Each of us must go from hell to discover the door of paradise. The inevitable sufferings of the existential state in which we find ourselves are neither definitive nor eternal. We can remedy it and reconquer the lost paradise with the help of the Holy Gnosis, as long as we want it. Willing is more than power, but only those who seek find, and only the knocker will be opened the door of paradise, which is none other than the conquest of Peace, Joy, Serenity and Love. But you, brother, to get in, you have to pay the ticket price. The wedding dress is the passport to enter the Kingdom of God. You must strive with calm, perseverance and renunciation to straighten the way you have lost for now. There is no substitute that replaces personal, constant and persevering effort. In the milk the butter is hidden, the pearls in the bottom of the sea and the fire in the wood, but without your effort, your work, you will have neither butter nor pearls nor fire. So you will never see the Divine within you, nor will you enjoy that heavenly Peace, that seraphic Love without the practices of listening, meditation and realization: srvana, mana and nidhidyasana, as the Sastras say. Come on, courage, my brother. I am in your boat; we travel together having at the helm the same Logos, the true Light that enlightens all the humans who come into this world. The eternal is our helmsman, the compass of our navigation, and will make us reach our Homeland, God, the AUM.