La Quintessenza delle religioni
The first part of the Master Thesis of Father Anthony, in the original language Dharmādvaitham, however very current. He shows us how, beyond the forms, rituals and dogmas, what is at the base of every religion is the same, unique essence: the realization of God or of the Self, that I AM that permeates and vivifies every being.
The difference is not in following one religion rather than another, but in practicing the ethical and divine values that are the solid rock on which every True Religion is based.
The Christianity of Jesus, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Hindu Vedanta and all other mystical currents, have always had to fight against the dogmatism, sectarianism and fanaticism of orthodox and organized religions, but it is time now to find the common essence , to get to the Universal Religion of Man.
"God is everything, everything is God. Men walk different, straight or curved roads, guided by books or free in the spirit: they are only roads that lead to the same goal".