Dalle religioni politicizzate alle Religioni Auto-realizzanti
A Cesare ciò che è di Cesare, a Dio ciò che è di Dio.
The second part of the Master Thesis of Father Anthony; Man is the ideal towards which humanity is marching. No one can stop this tide, since this is the law of the universe. No human invention or science can stop man from dying or being born, or stopping the gigantic wheel of birth and death, for these cosmic laws challenge man's igenuity. Unless we want to read our own dogmas in history and science, it is clear that no scientist or historian will ever find God or any divine intervention in human affairs. We need an intuitive understanding of the heart of things to integrate and bring to fruition the whole world of human knowledge and unveil the divine mysteries of our life. It is this sense of arcane that gives enchantment to life and who takes the trouble to analyze the consciousness finds within itself the key to open the wonders of the Earth and the mysteries of Heaven.
What is required of all those who no longer want to waste their time is to consider the peculiar characteristics of religions and to distinguish between what belongs to the religion of Man and not purely to Catholic or Protestant, Hindu or Muslim one. , Buddhist or Hebrew, which are just names, nothing but names. Why fight for those dogmas and beliefs, for those superstitions that will not add a millimeter to our mental structure, but which degrade and offend our dignity as men? Before being Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, Italian or English, let us remember that we are men and until we have the perfection of men as such, all other titles and claims are empty of any meaning and utility.