Isa - Katha - Mundaka - Mandukya
In a new editorial in 2007 revised and corrected with the addition of the original Sanskrit.
The four Upaniṣad transliterated, translated and commented in this volume must be considered among the most ancient and authoritative expressions of that current of thought which, through meditation, brings not only rationally but also ethically the individual to the most high peaks of metaphysics.
The philosophy upaniṣadica guides the initiate (the one who is available to receive the message) to a vision of the world and its phenomena not as contingent but transcendent facts, as an experience of the soul.
Beyond the senses there is another reality, a superior reality; this concept, so recurrent in the Upaniṣad, was underlined by Father Anthony Elenjimittam, who in his remarks noted its deep affinities with the highest spirituality of the West: Christianity.