Vedanta per tutti
Among all the philosophical systems recorded in the history of human thought starting from the ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, Syrians, and others of the Asian continent, from Thales, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Pythagoras, Plato, and many others of ancient Greece, from distant times of the pre-Columbian South American civilization up to our days - that is, up to the space age, electronic and nuclear - there is a school of psychological philosophy, a gym of philosophical psychology, which can be disseminated on Earth, with all the mass media to educate - or better re-educate - man as a man, and thus find a just integration between European scientific technology and Asian philosophical psychology, with a very specific purpose: to give man the third millennium AD an everlasting inner peace, an enviable serenity, an ultrestoic tranquility, a profound universal love, allowing him to conquer the conscious immortality here, on Earth, now and immediately. This philosophy is called Vedaanta Advaita, the philosophy of the non-dualistic Vedaanta